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Dr. Jessica Cox and the team at J. Cox Orthodontics are passionate about helping people love their smiles. They believe when you feel confident about your smile you can always make a good impression on those you meet. In fact, they think about it 24/7 and truly measure their success by how you feel about your smile. Dr. Cox has treated patients as young as 6 years old and well into their 80’s. She has created an office and an atmosphere where kids love to be treated and adults feel equally at home. You kind of have to see it to believe it - or just ask around, you’re bound to know someone with a healthy, beautiful J. Cox smile.

Meet Dr. Jessica Cox

Dr. Cox loves the way that being an orthodontist enables her to have a positive influence on people. She chose to be an orthodontist because it provides tangible benefits for every single patient and there aren't many professions that can say that. She chose to practice here in Mississippi because it's home - and what could be better than using your gifts, talent and training to benefit the people around you.

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Meet Our Team

They're Really Your Team

Some people have a gift for making you smile. It comes from inside them, they willingly share it with everyone they meet and it happens every day at J. Cox Orthodontics. If you’re already a patient you know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t had the chance to meet our team yet, we can’t wait to make you smile. That is our priority.










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We Love To Give Back

It Just Comes Naturally

One of the great things about living and practicing here is the way our community rallies together to make a positive difference in each others' lives. We actively participate in so many community events and in supporting so many great organizations because we live here too. Our kids know your kids. We’re all in this together. Below are just a few of the organizations we support. Ask us about it anytime (but be prepared to be inspired to join in if you’re not already involved:-).