Cox Coins

Everyone Is Talking About Them

At each visit, you can earn a coin! Excellent oral hygiene and following our instructions makes us smile and makes you a winner! At every visit, you’ll receive Cox Coins for being an excellent patient.

Here’s how Cox Coins work:

Earn Cox Coins for adhering to Dr. Cox’s instructions and being a favorable patient. Coins may be cashed in at any time. You can choose from small prizes with a few Cox Coins, or save up for bigger prizes.

Things you can do to earn Cox Coins:

  • Arrive on time to your appointments
  • Come to your appointment with no broken or loose appliances
  • Wear rubber bands or headgear as instructed
  • Achieve academic excellence
  • Participate in community service
  • Wear your J. Cox Orthodontics T-shirt (family members, too!)
  • Win one of our fun office contests